Two Bits Patches

Two Bits Patches ~ Antique Quilt Bits and Pieces ~ snippets of quilt patterns, applique, feedsacks and social history.
If you love quilt history you will find good things here!  Adding your name and email to this form will delivery the general newsletter to your inbox.  It comes about four times a year and will keep you up to date with new patterns, e-books and all the latest.

Our new project is This Week's 1930s Block.  If you tick the 1930s box you will receive a link to download a pdf file every week.  This will feature one block from the 1930s with photos and history as well as a six inch block pattern if you are feeling creative.

Tick the Etsy box for all new releases; includes the Chester Criswell Quilt patterns, reproductions of vintage catalogues, and 1930s patterns.

Tick the Kindle box for details about the Kindle ebooks available on Amazon; includes stories about quilts and the Godey's Ladies Book.

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